the beginning

As a brand, CAPITOLIUM was born as a result of a rebranding, conceived by our team.

CAPITOLIUM symbolizes the dream-like splendor in our lives. An alliance between the desire for conquest and the passion for automotive design; these were the pillars meant to that build its repositioning in the market.

the next step

With the new identity, completed, the challenges ahead were presented as exciting!

In addition for the importance to improve the entire physical experience in the showroom, it was also necessary to achieve a notable improvement in the entire brand communication and image.

the new brand

The Best Kept Secret is the tittle of the promotional film  conceived and produced by our team. It was the "cherry on the cake" for the presentation of this new identity and repositioning in the market.


Photography was undoubtedly one of our biggest challenges, due to the difficulties associated to very dark spaces.

We chose to create a photography area specific and exclusive for the product, designed from scratch by our team and synchronized with the architecture of the space.



Designed with an integrated back-office specialized for management in this type of business; laced with the elegance on a distinctive format to present inventory of this nature on the market.

behind the scenes