For AP Motors we challenge ourselves to surprise with a creative video web based on the slogan ‘The GIRL - The Power of Dreams’

Anyone who buys a car is about to fulfill a wish they’ve cherished for some time. We developed a storytelling around this emotion creating a funny and creative ad that showcases how humorous advertising can be memorable and persuasive.

As a client accompanied by Novamedia, we developed for AP Motors a 360º web strategy consisting in the creative concept, storytelling, web adv and the overall digital communication strategy.

the girl

The GIRL, the car and the client AP Motors.

A light crossroads of surrealism to entertain the association traditionally attributed to automative passion with human passion and seduction.

You can either adapt to change, ignore it or lead it. Therefore, adapting to the way people consume digital consume digital content, preferring stories and ideas to sales was our core strategy. Hence the challenge in creating an emotional connection.

drive the


drive the feeling

Behind the Scenes