Capitolium timepieces challenged NOVAMEDIA. to developed the branding of a luxury watches retailer brand.With the branding of Timepieces we wanted to captured the essence of the product, which symbolizes perfection in every detail, combined with innovation, setting new standards in the world of watchmaking. These axis underpinned Timepieces brand identity, weaving crucial aspects in an effective whole in order to create a concise and appealing brand identity.

After developing the identity, the next challenge was to create an immersive experience about the detailed beauty and high-precision movements of haute horlogerie.

The ‘Patek Philippe’ video conceived by the new team is beauty in motion. Luxury in the smallest details and a moving demonstration of how complex its intrinsic mechanisms are. The fantastic thing about enjoying a Patek Philippe in motion.



& video

Photography was undoubtedly one of our biggest challenges, due to all the complexity associated with luxury objects with very intrinsic details and materials that cause reflections.
We chose to create a photography area dedicated to the product in the studio, built from scratch by our team, in line with the mystical aesthetics of the brand.




We integrated a customized back-office for the management of this specific type of business, with the indispensable elegance and distinction for the presentation of this kind of luxury inventory.



& timepieces

The branding and video motion was part of broader press release introducing the TIMEPIECES to a selected and targeted market – a story that scored a full cover on FORBES. We were so excited to be part of this project and to help bring awareness to TIMEPIECES. Having a full scale page Adv in FORBES, reflecting a mostly male audience thats seeks prestige in brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex.